8% of Congress Carries Student Loan Debt

It may come as a surprise to you that 47 members of Congress currently have student loan debt. Even if the percentage of members with student loan debt is small, at 8%, their average debt is nearly $70,000 per person. 28 Republicans and 19 Democrats are on the list, but Congress itself right now leans Republican so the number of Republican student loan debtors only leans slightly Right.

While in the average American population about 13% of people have some student loan debt, the lower number in Congress is high, considering that the average member of Congress is much older that the general population and much wealthier.

We often imagine that Congress’ complete inaction in dealing with the student loan debt crisis comes from their separation from the day-to-day issues of most Americans, but for at least 8% of Congress, student loan debt is very real.

More information about which members of Congress currently have student loan debt and how much are at vox.com