Student Loan Financial Analysis

Student Loan Financial AnalysisAs a new client, the first step in the process is providing you with a comprehensive financial analysis and evaluation report of your current situation. Through this process we determine which programs you may qualify for, provide you with a written report, and allow you to choose which programs you believe will best suit your needs. Its simple:

Two Hour Personal Budget Analysis Review and Consultation

Our highly trained account representatives will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your financial situation though a one-on-one session. The financial review will look closely at your monthly obligations, savings investments, personal financial goals, and overall monthly spending habits in order to create a Personalized Strategic Financial Plan and Analysis Report. Our staff will then provide you with the education and resources to help reduce your monthly obligations and to focus more on your financial goals.

Personalized Strategic Student Loan Financial Analysis and Plan Report

Once you’ve received your personalized consultation, your report will be organized into four primary components: income, assets, liabilities, and a detailed account of your total monthly expenses. This will give you a detailed account of your total monthly expenses all in one place.

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AFBC Client Testimonials

Before I called Robert I was always worrying and crunching number about how I was going to pay off all my loans and not continue to throw money down a rat hole, like student loans make you do. With Robert and this organizations help I’m basically wo…

Adam J., Nashville, TN